The Franchise Fee: £20,000 plus VAT, with no renewal fee

The Management Charge is 3.9% of billing.

Payroll and Invoicing is 1.5% of billing
(via our nominated partner)

In addition, you will need to have working capital to operate your business until you can draw from takings. We have a nominated partner supplier who provides factoring services if required, enabling you to meet your weekly payroll and Management Charge obligations. You will benefit from the very low charges and the excellent services they provide to many of our franchisees. Please note, our nominated partner service providers are independent of ourselves and we derive no financial benefit from your use of their services.

Please download our Prospectus which includes detailed particulars of expected start up plus run rate turnover and gross profit with anticipated operating costs. These figures were modelled using the actual first year performance of the 247 Professional Health pilot.

You can reserve a territory with a deposit payment of £2,500. This is refundable in full should you change your mind, unless you have signed a Franchise Agreement or requested a business plan from us.